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Alliance Electronics New Zealand Agents

At Quickstart Auto, We are proud to be in partnership with Alliance Electronics Ltd . We are the New Zealand agents.

The company supplies a wide range of new and reconditioned Electrical and Electronic parts that are used in the Bus and Coach Industry and can help keep operators running costs to a minimum. Alliance Electronics and Quickstart can supply new or recondition just about any electrical or electronic part on a bus or coach.

Speedometers, ZF Gear Selectors, Flasher Units, Column Switches, Lighting Ballasts, Stop Solenoids, Harnesses, Destination Parts, Blower Motors, pcbs, Gauges, Instrument Clusters, Warning Light Panels, ZF Translator Panels, Master Switches, Air conditioning Parts, EDCS Electronics Diesel Controls, Voith Translator Panels, Printed Circuit Boards, Throttle Potentiometers, Throttle Control Motors, Voith Gear Selectors, Heater Dash Controls, Wiper Motors, Gearbox Wiring Looms, Actia Multiplex Units, Ramp Motors, Aladin Units, Joucomatic Valves, Wash/Wipe Units, Speed Switches, Door Motors and Rams, Camis Door Controls, Speedometer Pulse Generators, Regulators and Control Boxes, Radiator Coolent Level Alarms, Telma Relay Boxes, EP Coils, Kick Down Units, Looms, Suspension Sensors, Leveling Valves, Water Pumps.

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