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continental ProViu®ASL360

continental ProViu®ASL360

Greater Situational Awareness using advanced driver assistance

Human error while driving cannot always be avoided, and is a common cause of personal injury accidents involving vehicles. We believe that assisting the vehicle operator/driver by increasing their awareness of their surroundings is an absolute necessity.


ProViu®ASL360 has been developed with this in mind, and assists in the reduction of risk associated with avoidable accidents and incidents.


Utilizing technology from our extensive automotive experience, and stitching multiple images (most commonly 4) we are able to provide a meaningful 360° all-round view; therefore reducing blind spots-and displaying pedestrians and other objects in the immediate vicinity.


ProViu®ASL360 is even able to use extra views to display objects that may not usually appear in direct vision or mirrors. Thus the system improves the ease of maneuvering whilst decreasing the risk of accidents. Ultimately this helps increase efficiency via shorter turnarounds and downtimes, lower repair and damage costs, and reduce the level of associated risk that the operation of larger vehicles entails.


ProViu®ASL360 greatly facilitates vehicle operations in critical situations such as: dense city traffic, narrow loading areas, cluttered factory yards, bustling building sites, campgrounds, etc.


‘Adding’ Safety


ProViu®ASL360 provides higher levels of situational awareness and confidence to the driver through its configurable camera-stitching and display features.


The driver display is configurable allowing different viewing options. It can be successfully deployed into any commercial, industrial, recreational or special purpose vehicles. ProViu®ASL360 is a safe and efficient product, making use of technologies from the car industry, such as anti-stall and image harmonization. This avoids issues such as screen freeze and overly bright glare, giving you a safe and easy to use product.

The system enhances safety even when the vehicle is standing still, as it can be configured to be permanently active; this means that even while parked the driver can keep an eye on the vehicle and the surroundings just by glancing at the monitor.