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Powerchip ECU engine remaping , Rschip tuning

At Quickstart Auto Electrical, we are proud to offer Powerchip and Rschip performance tuning in New Zealand.  For any performance ECU engine management remapping or plug and pluy options don't hesitate to contact us for the best in class chip tuning.


What is a Powerchip?


Powerchip™ is a reprogrammed engine management chip, designed to improve the performance of most modern fuel-injected vehicles.

We achieve this by remapping the standard software in your vehicle Electronic Control Unit (ECU), to suit high octane fuel. The result is better throttle response, increased power and torque which results in faster acceleration, and more driving enjoyment!

Powerchip offers a driver the opportunity to extract the true potential from their vehicle, without extensive modification.

The Powerchip is easy to fit, and is backed by a three year limited warranty, making it the easiest and safest way of modifying most modern vehicles.




This is the lattest and greatest for safe vehicle tuning with plug and play fitting and tuning . RSchip for Non turbo & turbo petrol vehicles .

 $650 inc for gen 1 

 $749 inc for Gen 2


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"Car manufacturers tune their engines according to vehicle emission standards and deliberately set lower engine power settings as a measure of precaution against low-quality maintenance service and improper vehicle operation. Also, because of marketing, car manufacturers purposely decrease engine power because more powerful versions of cars are more expensive and less powerful versions are cheaper. "

"Chip-tuning lets you unleash the full potential of your engine without sacrificing reliability as long as you take care of your engine."